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Medusa entstammt der griechischen Mythologie und gehört zu den drei Gorgonen. Sie ist sofort an ihrer eindrucksvollen Schlangenfrisur und dem tödlichen. 8. Apr. Der Mythos der Medusa ist vordergründig einfach. Die schreckliche Dämonin, die garstige mörderische Erscheinung, die Versinnbildlichung. Medusa ist eine Sagengestalt aus der griechischen Mythologie und eine der drei Gorgonen. Wir erklären den Mythos der Medusa und geben. A dozen Imperial transports were gutted by her elite warriors, as thousands of human settlers wer war medusa dragged screaming to their doom by Dark Eldar boarding parties. Behind The Voice Actors. However, the status of their relationship and their political positions is thrown into turmoil when Captain Britain's presumed lost wife Meggan is brought back to life. Colossal prefabricated cities were hastily erected by the Adeptus Mechanicusvast structures that could house millions upon millions. The Necrons were only too aware of the incoming Warp Storm and so they devised a strategy to turn it to their advantage. Visual Politics of PsychoanalysisLondon: If not, it is from the same root, and is formed after the participle. When Perseus beheaded her, Pegasusa winged horse, and Chrysaora giant wielding a golden sword, sprang from her body. Though many of the regimental commanders had expressed disdain at having to serve under a Vostroyan marshal, those who had bothered to learn something of the man, or had served alongside him before, held a far more favourable opinion. Verdia was a mountainous region with no hive cities but two strategically important areas, the Ecclesiarchy 's Monastery of Madrigales at the top of the paypal račun called Omphalos Mount, which was home to the potent Astropathic Choir that was the primary interstellar communication method for the planet, and Sybilla Secundus, an enclosed compound used by Medusa V 's Planetary Defense Forces. To the north is an area known as the Telosian Pdc weltrangliste 2019, wer war medusa massive area of steppeland where little will grow, and to the south, the northern half of Megaera's Cradle, the more fertile region surrounding Hive Megaera. Harazahn and his logisticians had identified nine key defensive positions on the world, serbien u19 the Caesars Treasure Slots - Play Online for Free or Real Money Zethus and Amphion on the Articus Plateau, Deimos Spaceport and the Dioscuri Observatory. Despite its obvious advantages -- its mineral wealth and proximity to Hell's Slingshot -- the Medusa System had one flaw.

Medusa Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon is a fictional character , a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Her name and character are derived from Greek mythology as her hair displays similar qualities to that of Medusa the Gorgon 's hair.

Medusa has psychokinetic control over her hair, a power she obtained through Terrigenesis. Due to this, she is able to expand it to double its normal length, pick locks with it, remotely lift objects both animate and inanimate , and she often uses it as a rope to contain objects and people.

Serinda Swan portrays Medusa in the character's live-action debut in the television series Inhumans. She appears first in flashback, then in costume as part of the fledgling "Frightful Four".

She appears in 38, 41, 42, 43, and in various subplot glimpses from The Inhumans also appear in Fantastic Four , with Medusa. They are granted their first new adventure in Fantastic Four Annual 5, and a solo series in the split-book Amazing Adventures volume 2 The first four installments are written and drawn by Jack Kirby.

The second four installments are written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Neal Adams. That storyline flows into the ongoing "Kree-Skrull War" in the Avengers title Medusa has also figured prominently in the 12 part maxi-series The Inhumans by Jaye Lee in the s.

Beginning in May , Medusa appeared as one of the main characters in A-Force , an all-female Avengers spin-off being launched by G.

In , Medusa appears in an early adventure with the Frightful Four, published as Avengers 1. They publicly attack Captain America and his new team of replacements after their press conference to earn some "street cred".

They are publicly beaten in a rematch in issue 4. Medusa belongs to the race of Inhumans , a species of prehistoric earthlings mutated by the Terrigen Mists produced deep under the Inhuman city-state of Attilan , presently located in the oxygen-rich Blue Area of the Moon.

Crystal who later became the wife of the Avenger Quicksilver is Medusa's younger sister. Considered a member of Attilan's Royal Family, Medusa's parents chose to expose her to the Terrigen Mists when she was a child.

During her adolescent years Medusa would often visit her distant cousin Black Bolt during his confinement, and she learned to communicate with him through body language.

During the course of these visits, the two fell in love and became engaged. She attended Black Bolt's release from his isolation cell at the age of eighteen, and witnessed the first confrontation between Black Bolt and his insane brother Maximus the Mad.

It was in Maximus' first successful attempt to take the throne that Medusa was knocked off a sky-sled by the Trikon and afflicted with amnesia.

She left Attilan, and wandered Europe as a thief. Still suffering from amnesia, Medusa joins super-villain team the Frightful Four and battles the Fantastic Four on three separate occasions.

She was then pursued by Gorgon on behalf of Maximus. She was reunited with Black Bolt, who had been searching for her, and returned to Attilan.

However, she became trapped in Atillan by the "negative zone" barrier created by Maximus. She also has been re-abducted by the Frightful Four in an attempt to manipulate her.

Medusa has been known to join the Fantastic Four as a full team member for brief periods of time. She became a temporary replacement for Susan Richards , [11] known as the Invisible Girl at that time, when on family leave, caring for her comatose son Franklin Richards.

Through her relations with the Fantastic Four, Medusa and Black Bolt have sought to achieve an understanding and peace between the races of Earth and Attilan.

Nevertheless, the Inhumans have been forced to relocate their home of Attilan several times due to continued human hostility. Black Bolt would eventually become the king of the Inhumans upon the death of his parents.

Medusa oversaw the moving of Attilan to the Blue Area of the Moon. Medusa defied the Council and fled to Earth to avoid the compulsory abortion and live anonymously in the desert until the child was born, a son named Ahura.

Following these events Ahura was not mentioned or seen in the Marvel Universe for several years. Later, alongside the Inhumans and the original X-Factor , she battled Apocalypse.

Medusa's primary role among the Inhumans is as interpreter for her liege and husband, the silent but commanding Black Bolt.

As such she is an experienced state figure within the quasi-feudal system of the Inhumans' government, and is used to speaking with awareness of regal issues of protocol and comportment.

This imperial attitude is usually tempered by her strong sense of morality and fairness. Medusa is featured in the six issue series Beyond!

She is kidnapped along with other famous and infamous superhumans to the artificial planet known as Battleworld.

After witnessing Venom apparently murder Spider-Man - although it is later revealed to be the Space Phantom - Spider-Man apparently mistaking her for Mary Jane as he compliments her hair in his 'last moments', she passes royal judgement that he must undergo fifty lashes.

She supersedes the authority of the Avenger's representative, Janet Van Dyne , and uses the control over her hair to create a whipping motion so fast that it produces miniature sonic booms, which Venom is especially vulnerable to.

While Henry Pym tries to dissuade Medusa from continuing the punishment, Venom is able to stab Medusa through the thigh.

Later on in the issue, Medusa saves the team during the sudden crash landing of their space vessel by absorbing the majority of the impact with her hair.

As stated by Wasp, Medusa is the team's primary short-range offense. Eventually the team triumphs over the Beyonder and returns to Earth.

At the end of the series, Medusa can be seen alongside Black Bolt attending the funeral of her Beyond! She gives Gravity's parents a precious statue, the highest honor amongst the Inhumans, in commemoration of Gravity's sacrifice.

Medusa explains that her husband's silence is a burden that she also bears. Black Bolt makes an appearance at this point and the two are shown to make love as Medusa contemplates her longing to hear a moan, whisper, or laugh from him.

After attempting to commit suicide, a dying Pietro is brought to Attilan by Crystal. While Gorgon protests, Medusa grants Pietro asylum in Attilan until he is fully recovered.

Once healed, a depowered Pietro tries to convince Black Bolt and Medusa to allow him access to the Terrigen Mists, but Medusa firmly states that Terrigenesis is a process forbidden to outsiders and that such a process upon a human could result in drastic mutations.

Pietro manages to expose himself to the Mists regardless, and receives new powers before collecting both the Terrigen Crystals and his daughter, Luna, and returning to Earth.

The crystals eventually end up in the possession of a black-ops sector of the United States government. The sector's subsequent refusal to return the crystals sparks a declaration of war between the Inhumans and the United States.

During this title it is made reference that Black Bolt and Medusa are childless. The Inquisition despatched its agents to ascertain the scale of the Medusan IV heresy and eventually, regrettably, the Inquisition determined that Exterminatus was the only viable solution.

The Cult Mechanicus and the Adeptus Administratum lobbied the Inquisition agents monitoring the Schism to suspend the sentence just long enough to allow what Loyalist citizens remained on Medusa IV to be evacuated.

Tithe forecasts and resettlement schedules showed the crippling effect leaving them to die would have on industry in the sector, so the Inquisition granted a one-week stay of execution.

Millions of Loyalists were loaded onto transports normally used for shipping foodstuffs to Medusa IV and a mass exodus of the Loyalist hive cities began.

While the Ultramarines and the PDF regiments of Medusa V fought a heroic rearguard defence against an endless horde of insane Chaos Cultists, those innocents that could be saved were ferried off-world to Medusa V.

Even the Astartes could only prevail so long in the face of such overwhelming numbers and unreasoning hate.

Finally they too were forced to withdraw, leaving the heretics and remaining civilians to their fate. A sleek Inquisitorial corvette under the command of Inquisitor Baptiste fired a single salvo of Cyclonic Torpedoes at the planet, a deadly payload of the variant known as Atmospheric Incinerator Torpedoes.

The warheads ignited the oxygen-rich atmosphere of the planet in a massive thermonuclear reaction, devouring everything in a blistering conflagration that seared all signs of life from the world, turning metal into molten slag and rock to glass as the Inquisition 's fiery judgment took its toll.

The planet burned brightly for a whole solar month, and from the safety of their own world, the people of Medusa V looked on in awe as their neighbour was consumed in the purifying flames of the Emperor's justice.

Those Loyalist citizens of Medusa IV who had escaped offered prayers of gratitude to the Emperor for their deliverance. The new residents of Medusa V arrived from their burning planet by the millions and were welcomed by the waiting agents of the Inquisition 's Ordo Hereticus.

A drawn-out process of screening to root out any heretics amongst the refugees commenced and many thousands found their way to the pyre as the Inquisition acted ruthlessly to ensure the future purity of Medusa V.

Colossal prefabricated cities were hastily erected by the Adeptus Mechanicus , vast structures that could house millions upon millions.

Into these makeshift hive cities the refugees from Medusa IV were herded in droves, kept separate as a precaution against the spread of heresy.

These "refugee cities," grim edifices of steel and stone, gradually found their place within the society of Medusa V, providing a vast new labour force to work the ore extracted from the mining world's crust.

In only a few years, Medusa V found itself producing more promethium fuel, metals and supplies than it had ever been able to manage before the arrival of the refugees.

In the two centuries before the outbreak of the conflict on the world in M41, Medusa V continued to thrive as the gateway through Van Grothe's Rapidity, resupplying convoy vessels and exporting millions of tons of precious strategic ores to the ever-hungry Imperial Navy and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Only in the past few years had events begun to accelerate, casting the safety of Medusa V into doubt. The Rapidity had begun to "boil over," a phenomenon that has left even the wisest of the Imperium's savants and Observators baffled.

Initially, the change in the nearby Warp rift was not deemed to be of concern, but soon there was little doubt that its instability was growing at an unexpectedly rapid rate.

The Rapidity began to expand through space at a terrifying speed and every outpost and waystation the Warp storm touched was lost, all signs of life completely eradicated.

Adeptus Mechanicus vessels attempting to monitor the storm calculated that in only a few months it would reach Medusa V.

The best minds of the Imperium agreed on a single fact: Even as the Imperial forces in the region attempted to come to terms with the onrushing tide of destruction from the Warp and plan the evacuation of Medusa V , more sinister events were unfolding.

The Tau Water Caste arrived on the world, seeking to carry on diplomatic negotiations as they sought to lay claim to the world, desiring to use it as a base from which to penetrate the secrets of the Warp.

Unrest boiled on the surface of the planet, mirroring the hideous Warp Storm that was approaching it.

Several of the cities that contained the descendants of the refugees from Medusa IV openly revolted against the world's Imperial authorities. Imperial Governor Lord Soloman, the world's ruler, hoped that this was an emotional reaction to the dire threat approaching his planet, but with every passing day news of the rebellion grew worse.

The attendant Tech-priests of the Mechanicum who operated the vast Auspex arrays in the orbital space docks above the planet detected a series of astronomical energy spikes.

The first had originated on Medusa VII, a blasted and lifeless planet that had previously been dismissed as completely unremarkable by the Imperium.

A second and third new energy signature were then detected on Medusa V itself, one in the uninhabited southern region of the planet and the other on the outskirts of Macavius Hive, the second largest population centre on the world.

Rumours soon abounded that alien invaders were laying siege to the city, alien invaders who matched the description of the feared xenos known as the Necrons , indicating that perhaps Medusa VII had been one of their Tomb Worlds.

Awakened from their long hibernation by the proximity of the Warp Storm, the Necrons had sought out the closest populated world to begin one of their genocidal "red harvests" of all the intelligent life they could find.

Three vessels, part of a Mechanicus Explorator Fleet heading further into the Eastern Fringes, were then attacked under mysterious circumstances, within surveyor range of Medusa V 's Imperial Navy picket fleet.

Several frigates were despatched to assist, but the Imperial warships arrived to find the vessels were nothing more than drifting hulks, all crew and passengers lost with no sign of the attackers, though the Dark Eldar were suspected, and believed to be moving deeper into the Medusa System in search of a good fight.

As if matters were not bad enough, more than a hundred farming colonies on the northern edge of Medusa V 's settled continent were destroyed in a spate of barbaric attacks by an Ork WAAAGH!

All the farming machinery was looted and not even the great reaping machines were left behind by the attackers as only smouldering ruins and scattered corpses of the farmers remained.

In reaction to these attacks, the remaining farmers began to abandon their settlements for fear of similar assaults. Every day more agri-labourers abandoned their communities and the threat of famine on a global scale for the people of Medusa V became more of a reality.

Deathwatch Space Marines of the Inquisition 's Ordo Xenos , tasked with eliminating the remaining splinters of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken , warned that a sizeable surviving portion of that Hive Fleet had broken its course following a titanic engagement with the Imperial Navy at Lycanis.

Librarian Andreas of the Deathwatch postulated that the vastly swollen Rapidity might be acting as a beacon to the Hive Mind of the Tyranids , drawing the vile creatures towards it.

The best efforts of the Ordo Xenos to turn the Tyranids aside amounted to naught, and a full-scale invasion of those rapacious aliens soon added to the utter insanity that was reigning on Medusa V as the world approached its own apocalypse.

With events quickly spiralling way out of his control, Governor Soloman turned to the Imperium's Sector Command, who brought the matter before the Inquisition.

The Ordos immediately despatched an entire cell of Inquisitors to investigate matters on Medusa V. They arrived some weeks after the governor's request to find that Hive Euyrales, the capital city of Medusa V, had already erupted into civil war, with the Governor's personal guard and the Adeptus Arbites desperately fending off the rebels.

Now openly claiming allegiance to the Chaos Gods , vast swathes of the planet's populace rose in defiance of the Imperium and rumours that the terrible Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines were directing their efforts filled every loyal heart with despair.

The Inquisition wasted no time in making a wider call for aid, before the planet was consumed by the war raging across its surface. Captain Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines Chapter was the first to answer the Inquisition's call to arms, bringing the mighty 2nd Company of the Ultramarines to the Medusa System once more.

Dozens more Space Marine Chapters offered support, sending their forces racing for the planet before it was too late.

Governor Soloman reported to the Inquisition that the forces of disorder, Chaos and foul xenos , grew bolder and stronger, pushing back the scattered Imperial defenders as they awaited assistance.

In the end, there was no doubt that the days of Medusa V were numbered. The Warp Storm would scour the planet clean of whatever life still remained on its surface when it arrived, even if the Emperor's many enemies on the world did not accomplish that task first.

But the Imperium of Man would not abandon this world to the forces of darkness without a fight, for a single day's production on Medusa V was well worth the sacrifice in manpower.

Medusa V 's single inhabited continent was drawn up into designated Battle Zones by the Imperial defenders as well as three other uninhabited regions.

These are brief summaries of the contents of those zones. Articus was, as its name suggested, a frozen arctic wasteland in the northern region of Medusa V 's inhabited continent.

It contained the Articus Plateau, a large open area of glacial ice, three hive cities Hive Alecto, Hive Amphion and Hive Zethus , as well as a volcanic plateau surrounding Hive Alecto called the Separation by the world's original cartographers because it separated Alecto from the surrounding sub-arctic tablelands.

Telosa was a vast desert area of Medusa V with several important Imperial facilities located within it, including two hive cities Hive Machavius and Hive Megaera and the Deimos Spaceport.

To the north is an area known as the Telosian Steppes, a massive area of steppeland where little will grow, and to the south, the northern half of Megaera's Cradle, the more fertile region surrounding Hive Megaera.

The Deimos Spaceport is a Mars Class III Spaceport with an official population of around 2,, people that was consumed by minor rioting during the conflict, as well as being considered a critical objective by all the factions contending for control of the world.

The space port was one of the most tactically important places on the planet due to it being the only place large numbers of reinforcements could land and disembark to support their respective forces.

Verdia was a mountainous region with no hive cities but two strategically important areas, the Ecclesiarchy 's Monastery of Madrigales at the top of the mountain called Omphalos Mount, which was home to the potent Astropathic Choir that was the primary interstellar communication method for the planet, and Sybilla Secundus, an enclosed compound used by Medusa V 's Planetary Defense Forces.

The monastery, which was actually more like a small city dedicated to the Imperial Cult , had a population of 90, that remained loyal to the Imperium and served as a critical location during the conflict, although it should be noted that there was a grave threat of daemonic infestation in the monastery due to the high concentration of psykers.

Ordo Malleus personnel were assigned to defend the location and prevent a daemonic intrusion that could cause the fall of the entire zone to Chaos.

Tisiphone was a mountainous region of Medusa V with one hive city Hive Tisiphone and a range of mountains called the Charybdis Crest.

It was also the area of the planet in which the Ork Warboss Nazdreg's Space Hulk crash-landed on Medusa V , leaving a long scar on the mountainside.

Tisiphone was also Medusa V's primary breadbasket region, and there were a large number of agricultural areas located there.

They were raided many times by the Orks after their arrival, causing the inhabitants of the region to flee and damaging the planet's crucial agricultural productivity, setting off food shortages in the Medusan hive cities.

Edethor was a region of Medusa V that had no hive cities, but contained the Planetary Defense Forces ' Sybilla Tertius compound and a mountain range known as Edethor's Mouth.

It was also home to about half of the Geryon Strip Mines, running throughout the region. Hydra was a large area of Medusa V characterised by a huge swathe of iridium mines known as the Geryon Strip Mines, as well as the Raffaeleo's Spine, a high mountain plateau that rose above the region's Ash Wastes and two military installations of the planetary government, Hydra's Tooth at the head of the River Lethid and Sybilla Primus.

It also was home to an un-named volcano. Armida contained the vast Armida Sea and the mangrove swamps that could be found along its southern coastline, as well as a giant crater known as the Eye of the Emperor, Hive Stheno and Baptiste's Wrath, a region of utter devastation created on the orders of Inquisitor Baptiste to defeat a daemonic incursion.

Perseus was the largest Battle Zone on Medusa V but contained relatively little of strategic interest.

A large hive city known as Hive Perseus dominated a region called the Blasted Sands and to the northwest was a large crater that had penetrated into the planet's crust called The Hole, leaving little to the imagination.

Four long artificial Ceramite platforms bridged the gap between the island and the main continent. Battle Zone Perseus possessed a population of around ,, citizens and remained loyal to the Imperium at the start of the conflict, when it was also classed by the Imperial high command on the world as a critical strategic objective that could not be allowed to fall to the enemies of the Emperor until all the evacuations of its civilians had been completed.

Euryales was the central region of Medusa V 's only inhabited continent and the bulwark of Imperial control over the world.

It was home to the gigantic Hive Euryales dominating the centre of the region and the Vigilus Penitentiary to the west, a huge prison complex constructed to hold Medusa V's criminals.

It also was home to Mount Erinyes and the southern half of Megaera's Cradle, as well as a large canyon called Guilliman's Scar, running along a north-south axis through the region.

Hive Euryales was the capital hive city of the planet and possessed an estimated population of 1,,, citizens. When the conflict began, Hive Euryales was in open revolt against the Imperium and had been heavily infiltrated by Chaos Cultists.

It was classified by the Imperial high command on the world as a critical objective that had to be restored to full Imperial control and held against all enemy forces at all costs until the evacuation of its remaining Loyalist citizens could be completed.

This zone contains an area of wasteland known as the Dead Zone that was used by the world's Planetary Defense Forces as a weapons-testing range, and the Gholus Munitions Testing Ground, which was responsible for the creation of the Dead Zone.

This zone is heavily mountainous, containing the vast mountain range called the Ferrus Mountains, possibly after the Primarch Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands Chapter that had aided the original Imperial settlement of Medusa V.

The Bone Sea was a large expanse of water covering most of the surface of Medusa V that ran along the southern edge of the world's primary continent, and surrounded Johannes Island.

Ygethmor the Deceiver , the four-eyed Sorcerer Lord of the Black Legion and a Chosen of Abaddon the Despoiler , was gifted with a vision by the Ruinous Powers of the Warp , a glimpse of the future that might come into being through his own actions.

He saw himself exalted upon a mountain of corpses as the undiluted power of the Warp writhed about him. He saw a planet scoured clean by the power of Chaos Undivided , transmuted into a Daemon World of the Warp with himself as its Daemon Prince and master.

Ygethmor was not unknown to the Inquisition. During the 13th Black Crusade which had concluded only a few weeks before the Medusa V campaign began, the Officio Assassinorum had sanctioned the deployment of an Officio Assassinorum Execution Force to eliminate Ygethmor amongst other notable targets among the Forces of Chaos.

While scrutiny of their field records is impossible, at least 7 Assassinorum agents were known to have failed in the attempt to take the sorcerer's blasphemous life.

Following the 13th Black Crusade Ygethmor was responsible for the destruction of the population of the worlds of Corrialis and Galafonte.

Ordo Hereticus agents in the Galafonte System failed to learn the lesson of what Ygethmor was capable of following the Corrialis Massacres.

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Kurzum, eine typisch antike Geschichte zu Gut und Böse. Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig. Aphrodite die Schönste und Göttin der Liebe. Die Göttin Athene mischte sich erneut ein und erkannte die Chance mit Perseus Hilfe ihre verhasste Rivalin ein für allemal los zu werden. Die Götter im alten Griechenland hatten schon immer einen Hang zur Dramatik. Kreatur der griechischen Mythologie Perseus. Der ägyptische Sonnengott Ra ist heute in aller Munde. Mächtige Zähne — wie bei einem Eber ragen aus ihrem Mund heraus und ihre Zunge hat wohl auch nicht genug Platz in ihrem Mund. Was in einigen anderen Tempeln des antiken Griechenlands durchaus anders war.

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Weiterhin wurde Medusa von diesem Zeitpunkt an verflucht, da kein Mann diesen Anblick ertragen konnte und augenblicklich zu Stein erstarrte, wenn ihn der Blick der Gorgo traf. Feste mit religiösem Hintergrund in unseren Gefilden Angel. Sie sagten ihm,wo Medusa zu finden war. Nur seiner Tarnkappe verdankte er es, dass die beiden Schwestern von Medusa, Stheno und Euryale, ihn nicht verfolgen konnten. Mythen halten sich nicht an biologische Eckdaten. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Eine davon war Medusa, die als einzige der drei Schwestern sterblicher Natur war. Dort traf sie den Meeresgott Poseidon und zwischen den beiden entflammte eine leidenschaftliche Liebesaffäre. Wie lange - davon spricht der Mythos nicht. Nicht ich habe auf einen Nebenschauplatz abgelenkt, sondern du hast Dinge da rein interpretiert die sehr…naja frei gedacht sind um es mal so zu sagen. Als er sie letztendlich an einem See im heutigen Afrika findet, sind diese jedoch nicht bereit, ihm zu verraten, wie er die Medusa finden und töten könne. Informiere mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Perseus, ein Held der griechischen Mythologie, verfolgte die Gorgo aufgrund eines Versprechens gegenüber Polydektes: Athene ist ja gemein dass sie so mit der Medusa umspringt. Ihre Nase ist flach und das Gesicht von runder Form. Ein Orakel hatte ihm verkündet, dass der Sohn seiner wunderschönen Tochter Danae ihm zum Verhängnis werden würde. Als sie ihr Auge gerade untereinander austauschten entwendete es Perseus und machte ihnen klar,dass sie es erst wiederbekämen,wenn sie ihm Rede und Antwort stünden.

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